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Possession of multiple HDU accounts would result in a ban; Sharing an account is forbidden and would result in a ban. 马甲账号/共享账号的行为都将导致封禁
The application is for YOU only, do NOT give the invite to anybody else, if you get accepted, that would result in a ban. 仅允许本人申请,否则注册后账号将被封禁
Failure to meet your commitments below would lead to a ban in a month. 不兑现承诺者一个月后将被封禁.
Applications from VPNs or mobile connections are not allowed. 禁止使用VPN以及手机网络申请

Limited applications for 2 candidates/day, current vacancies 2 .

Email 邮箱:

Country 国家:

What do you want from us? 你想从我们这获取什么?

What can you do for us? 你能为我们贡献什么?

How do you understand Hit and Run? 你是怎样理解下完就跑的?

Where did you hear about us? 在哪里了解我们的?

Please provide profile links from your most used private trackers. 请提供你常使用PT站点的个人链接:

Do you have a seedbox? 你是否有盒子?

Are you a long-term seeder and comfortable maintaining a ratio? 你能长期保种并维持一个较好的分享率么?

Briefly tell us about your journey as a PTer. 简述你的PT经历:

Your IP:

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Your application will be processed during a week, please be patient. 你的申请将在一周内处理,请耐心等待。

You can be eligible for an invitation by donating at least 10 pounds 你可以通过捐赠至少10英镑直接获得邀请资格

Check your applications status with your ID: 输入你的预约ID查询审核状态:

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